My Story to my Karma- Astrology

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Hi my name is Abhinay Panday & I am a Marketer by profession. Astrology is my long-time Hobby. The journey started when I was just 7 years old. My old grandma taught me a lot about Astrology. She was a great predictor that transformed many people’s lives. 

She was really a great Astrologer. She predicts with a lot of accuracy and very particular predictions. I had learned Astrology from her for 3 years, and she died when I was 10. Then I came to this city life and forgot about Astrology. Now last year the topic again came to mind . Maybe this was a completion of that cycle. Maybe the reason why I got into Astrology again.

Life is really a great teacher. I can see some pending karmas coming back. & now this is my karma to spread that knowledge with you guys. My profession as a marketer helped me to start this blog and reach to you, hopefully I will bring something really valuable to you. 

Thank you – Abhinay Panday

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