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9 Predictions for Leo Ascendant- Marriage becomes a challenge

marriage becomes challenging

1. These people are not satisfied with the food they always bring out flaws in food.

2. They face false allegations at home from their mom.

3. After the birth of their first Children a big downfall in life will happen.

4. The biggest problem they face in marriage is because they don’t like to follow rules and boundation marriage brings.

5. Their father first pushes him to do something in career, first time at the age of 19.

6. Leo ascendant wants a very financially secure career, which gives them financial security.

7. Their desires keep changing and their friends’ network circle keeps changing in life.

8. These people’s personality is like a dictator if they don’t get an authoritative position in life they suffer.

9. At the age of 15 any of their siblings’ marriage happens.

father's struggle

1. Father’s personality is like a very passionate person, also angry.

2. Father’s mom had very ups and downs in life because of the house, people and environment.

3. Father had faced false allegations by the in-laws of his wife (your mother’s family).

4. Father brings out flaws in daily life. It’s his daily routine to bring out flaws in everyday life.

5. Father has faced downfall in life because of his father.

6. Father will not be able to rise in life because of the planet in the 6th house of your chart. If there is no planet then he will definitely rise without any major obstacle.

7. Your father’s mothers death has a connection with the father’s siblings.

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allegation on mom

1. Mom had faced many false allegations throughout life.

2. Mother had broken some rules of the house. Maybe she becomes the first in lineage to go out and work

3. Mother is doing something in daily life which makes her the first woman to do that in her lineage.

4. Mother had sexual desires with the husband (your father). Also she wants a relationship who provides her security in life.

5. Mother has a career where she will be at an authoritative position. 

6. Mother brings out flaws in people in her professional network & her friends.

7. Mother’s parents had faced downfalls throughout their entire life.

quietly eating

1. Your Sibling gets quiet while eating, he thinks a lot when he eats and doesn’t like to talk to anyone.

2. Sibling in-laws will have Haemoglobin issues and blood related disorders.

3. Sibling wants a career which fulfils his emotions.

4. Sibling will either have a love marriage or marriage will be very different from the lineage.

5. They need other people to make themselves feel fulfilled in life.

spouse will break the rules in house

1. Spouse will be a rule breaker, she will not follow the rules in the marriage.

2. Spouse will be very imaginative, and don’t like to be involved with other people.

3. Spouse siblings are very passionate and also angry people. Also they had done something out of the box in the family.

4. Spouse will try to find hidden flaws in your family.

5. Spouse have to face many ups and downs in the karmas of his/her life.

6. Spouse have very religious desires and also desires for carrying the principle of her lineage.

7. Spouse mom had faced Haemoglobin issues or blood related issues.

These are the Blank chart predictions for Leo Ascendant, without the involvement of planets and Nakshatras. Well this doesn’t mean that above predictions may be wrong , they will be correct for every leo ascendant but planets and Nakshatras will either make the incidents come strong or weak.

What do Leo ascendants look like?

Big head, Raised short noses, big eyes, thick and way hairs, reddish glowing face.

Are Leo ascendants lucky?

Their passion and brothers becomes the force to charge their luck. Also Lord Hanuman is the source of their luck energy.

What is the dark side of Leo ascendant?

Holding Principles becomes a sort of challenging for them. Thinking big and expansion is very important without any big goal their dark side of life make them struggle.

What is the best career for a Leo ascendant?

Leo people looks for career which gives them financial security. They are the people who are most passionate for making money in their career. But if they chase only money without knowing what’s their strength they struggles a lot.

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