Bhrigu Samhita says on Sun in 8th house in LEO

Bhrigu Samhita says about native with Sun in 8th house for Capricorn Ascendant the native will be blessed with long life, influence other people in life, saw many ups and downs in money, family suffers, holds many people’s secret in life, feels dignified throughout life, does not care about his future, with naughty humour nature.

sun in vedic astrology


In Astrology Sun represents your Soul- what is your soul goal in this life?, your Father’s life- after your birth, Light- in the house sun being placed it makes you very aware of that house. Creation- because without light creation can’t be seen, Ego– the place where sun placed you will act like a Rahu for that house.

There are many many significant of Sun but these are some of the most impacted ones

The 8th house in Astrology represents darkness, transformation- because it’s the 2nd from 7th which is the house of marriage and it brings transformation, sudden ups and downs- because it’s the house of darkness you don’t know where you are putting your feets.

8th house

Ruled by Leo the sign ruled by Sun has almost the same significance of Sun mentioned above. 

1. The planet in your Lagna you are bound with the People represented by that planet.

Eg; Mars in Lagna: Your whole life will be bound by your elder brother, Sun in Lagna similarly means boundation from Father, etc.

2. You will make a house that will look very unique or where you will build your house that place will be very unique.

3. Your family is a very unique kind of family that is not very common when you look out for other families in society.

4. You want a very motherly spouse in your life, who will take care of yours.

5. You take out flaws in the knowledge of your Father, or Teachers or bosses you will get.

6. You can’t take authority of any bigger position, because you are too specific about what kind of authority you want in life.

7. You will get a big false allegation on you by your relatives or friends at least once in the life

8. Your spouse and you do long distance travel for sexual activities.

9. You will get heavy shame by your father or boss in your career, and then you will gain an authoritative position in career at the age of either 19 or at the age of 30.

10. You always break the rules set by your parents and are kind of a stubborn child for your parents & in relatives eyes.

11. Your spouse’s siblings are very flawed searching people also you may find them as your enemy in your marriage.

12. Your father’s siblings have either given false allegations on your father or your father has put false allegations on their siblings.

1. In your father’s life there were ups and downs but he had tackled them because of the people who provided him the resources at the right time.

2. Your father brings out flaws in food, even if it’s the best.

3. Your father had a very balanced relationship with their siblings.

4. Your father’s mom (your grandmother) had faced a lot of ups and down and false allegations on her.

5. Your father thinks about you as a very independent but focused child & he feels like he has learned a lot from you.

6. Your father’s spouse or (your mom) breaks rules set by your father they may have conflict about setting rules or not within home.

7. Your father hides his emotions from people and he only opens up in a very secretive environment.

8. Your fathers desire was connected with his hobbies, he has lots of hobbies in life also his desires get fulfilled by his siblings.

9. Your father had chosen a balanced career, with the prime focus on financial security in it.

10. Your father had a very different kind of relationship with his father and teachers a very unique and unusual kind of one.

11. Your father is very particular to his shoes or what he is wearing in his legs he wants a very royal kind of sense everytime he wears anything in his legs.

12. The death of you father will happen while sitting on a chair.

Sun in LEO 8th house promises a Vipreet Raj Yoga, a promise of wealth is there for you and this placement shows you will once get a sudden authoritative position in life that you were not even expecting or wanted for.

Is sun good for Capricorn ascendant?

Sun is not fully debiliated but Capricorn restricts Sun to behave independently, also Capricorn is a cold sign cause Sun not being able to work on its full potential here.

Is it good to have sun in 8th house?

Yes it is, because 8th house is a hidden world and Sun bring light to this house makes you see hidden things easily, which many people ignores.

What are the negative effects of the sun in the 8th house?

You will face a heavy shame by your father or authorities for not having an authoritative position in life.

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